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Trend Bible: Research + Editorial Writing + Photo Serie + Graphic Design @ Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Project date: October 2017
Type: branding, graphic design, editorial
Education: Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Please note: I'm currently working on this page... It might still be incomplete or look a bit unfinished. My apologies for the inconvenience; I'd like to welcome you back soon.

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The Product

Feminisation: a word full of preconceptions, assumptions and old-fashioned associations. Feminisation is not only a movement, it's deconstructionism, rebellion, the reflection of our Zeitgeist, our culture.

(non)sense is a trend bible made by students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The trend bible allows it's readers to be part of the Feminisation conversation and helps to challenge polarised values. It celebrates differences one sense at a time. (non)sense asks you to distance yourself from what you think you know, stay away from what you want to see, and do not believe everything you have heard.

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