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These & Doos

Fashion Brand Identity + Environment @ Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Project date: November 2016
Type: branding, retail, design, customer experience
Education: Amsterdam Fashion Institute

In collaboration with: Pien Barendregt

Please note: I'm currently super-busy with a re-design of this project's fashion environment. To be continued...

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The brand

´These & Doos´ is a Dutch-oriented brand. The name is inspired by the act of grabbing one product after the other while shopping. People who speak Dutch will understand the nuance that it sounds like ´These & Those´.

The concept

There are more and more families who need to make ends meet with very little income. These families need to be creative with money and new clothes are not for granted. The only investments they make are on things that are really needed. Beauty is not the most important because this is just a luxury; it´s functionality that counts. These and Doos combines a high focus on functionality with a little touch of self-crafted beauty. Every These and Doos collection exists of beautiful garments that come with several options that can make their new garment even more practical (and more personal). You put the cherry on our cake. These and Doos is fashionable, functional, a gift for your daily life and most of all affordable. And if we ever, ever, ever sell something that breaks, the garment can be returned for a free-of-charge repair. We make your daily life easier for a life time.


Hand Drawn Pink - Cardboard Brown - Denim Paper - Coated Washi Orange - Laser Printed Blue


The collection is focused on functionality but it´s starting point comes always from a good taste of hand-drawn beauty. Every garment comes with several functional applications which can be selected in the store - where we also attach them for you.

Technical drawings

The These and Doos Storage Store consists of five specific areas which all contribute to the customer experience. Where the customer first will be welcomed warmly in the heart of the store (1), she will soon be released in the ´storage room´ (2). In here, she´ll find the latest collection of the brand. Then she will continue her shopping experience through the ´showroom´ (3) where numerous options are shown that can make her clothes more practical (and thereby more suited to her busy daily life). These options are included by the garments she buys. We do not charge extra for it. The showroom also offers second-hand garments. Everything the customer has chosen can be fitted in the fitting rooms which resemble different sizes of our special cardboard boxes (4). If the customer wants to personalize her new garments, the ´packaging zone´ (5) offers her a box in which she can put all the different parts and the garment. There´s also a counter where she can drop it off. Now the only thing left to do is to pay (1) and then her new garments will be delivered at her home.

Fashion Environment
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